The University of Malaya Centre of Innovation and Commercialization (UMCIC), incepted on 21 January 2009, were previously known as the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Unit, under the Institute of Research Management and Consultancy. Initiated on 1st July 1998 as the Department of Business Development Chancellery, University of Malaya for the purpose of commercializing UM research products, services, and technology resulting from research activities of UM. Its director is Dr. Yusniza Kamarulzaman.

UMCIC facilitates the University of Malaya’s inventors, academicians and entrepreneurs/technopreneurs to actualize their ideas, concepts, and research products for viable commercialization. UMCIC seeks to provide linkages between organizations and individuals with new technological innovations with a view towards commercialization. The focus of UMCIC is on activities relating to intellectual property, innovation, technopreneurship, technology transfer, licensing, and business development for the university.


Our Technologies

Backed by state-of-the-art R & D facilities, our researchers strive to convert scientific findings into market-driven solutions, emphasizing both high impact values and social innovation. We have produced a wide array of inventions e.g. industry-focused hardware, sought-after formulations, effective medicines and so on.



Need to protect your invention? Looking for prototype grants? Want to make a business out of your invention? We know your plight at heart and work diligently to safeguard our researchers' interest. Essentially, your success is our success. So, let's take your inventions to the next step.


Early Adopters

The world is changing at a rapid pace, the only thing that is constant is CHANGE. At UMCIC, we want you to view us as your R & D partner, in a quest of tailoring our inventions based on the latest market needs, with adherence to the golden industry standards and regulatory compliance.