Message from Director


Director of UM Centre of Innovation and Commercialization

[Dummy] We research, develop and promote deployment of tools and technologies that enhance the reliability and efficiency of our technology needs and market deliveries. This is accomplished by reclamation scientists and engineers who, together with a broad array of outside partners, undertake innovative research and technical investigations.

Besides commercializing the market ready products, ICC will assist in the development and value added of the prototype to the marketable level. We strive to shorten the path between basic research and application of the new knowledge where we hope to get the information generated by research as soon as possible into the hands of end users and the industry.

By exploring pioneering diversified areas of technologies, we aim to promote multi-disciplinary research on emerging issues across academia and application domains. We, therefore, welcome the industry and all our potential partners out there to work and collaborate with us and benefit from our pioneering technology and updated knowledge in engineering.

Let's connect innovators with industries!