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Intellectual Property & Legal Management

☑  Protecting your intellectual property

☑  UM IPR Portfolio

☑  UM Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Portfolio

☑   Legal advice

☑  IP Policy

Business Development & Commercialization

☑ Technology transfer & Commercialization

☑ Commercialization policy

☑ Agreement templates

☑ Business marketing

☑ Investor & Seed funding

☑  Business training

Business Start-ups & Business Pods

☑ What is Business Pods?

☑ How to create a start-up company?

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Accelerator Programme & Incubator Services

☑ Accelerator programme


☑  UM Innovation Incubator (INCUVATOR)

UMCIC Kiosk & Business Product

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Intellectual Property & Legal Management

•    Protecting and managing your intellectual properties and assets

•    Conducting intellectual property (IP) programs such as seminars for students and academicians

•    Providing legal advice to inventors concerning contracts and IP filing


Business Development & Commercialization

•    Nurturing business-minded applicants and increasing the commercialization activities of IP that resulted from UM's researches

•    Providing information on pre-commercial/innovation grant applications, R&D and seed funding.

•    Managing counseling and advisory services pertaining to commercial grants

•    Providing business supports ranging from entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) to business plan writing and market research

•    Managing commercialization of projects and production of prototypes


Start-ups & Business Pods

•    Managing the operation, lease, and maintenance of UM Innovation Incubator (INCUVATOR) co-working spaces


Accelerator Programme & Incubator Services

•    Provide an avenue for university inventors and researchers to create a university spin-off company out of their inventions and ideas

•    Accumulating and providing information on intellectual property from our database


UMCIC Kiosk & Business Product

•    Promoting and selling resulting intellectual products that have been identified and prepared for commercialization

•    One-stop market centre for innovative ideas and business products